a.k.a. Having spent 2023 doubling down on the ridiculousness of 2022, the genre currently sits in a rather uninspiring place.
a.k.a. Both Resident Advisor and The Wire are hiring new editors, and the job listings say a lot about the current state of electronic music journalism.
a.k.a. Within electronic music media, the line between editorial and advertising has become exceedingly fuzzy.
a.k.a. In the face of a dire humanitarian crisis, artists' already precarious existence becomes even more challenging.
a.k.a. Is the celebrated independent radio station still independent?
a.k.a. Plenty of dance music artists find themselves working towards a goal they don't necessarily even want.
a.k.a. The company has been sold (again), and there's plenty of reason to worry about the future of the platform.
a.k.a. The rhetorical battle over dance music goes much deeper than that.
a.k.a. A new study suggests that switching to user-centric payments would shake up the streaming landscape, but wouldn't necessarily fix a broken…
a.k.a. The Waking Life festival ran into financial trouble—and decided to open up its accounting ledgers.
a.k.a. So why do I charge for this thing?
a.k.a. Presenting a dazzling live show increasingly feels like a requirement for electronic music artists.