Bandcamp Friday Overflow

a.k.a. So much music was released that it couldn't all fit into the regular newsletter.

Hello there.

After spending the past several days literally combing through hundreds of special releases that surfaced on Bandcamp last Friday, I’ve put together a breakdown of the electronic music offerings I found most intriguing. In truth, I couldn’t possibly list all of the special releases that dropped, but the completists out there might find comfort in this buyer’s guide from Resident Advisor, which is the most comprehensive list I’ve seen. (What’s wild though is that even RA’s massive list probably only scratches the surface of everything that’s out there.)

Anyways, let’s get to my picks. My absolute favorites are mixed in with the New This Week section of today’s newsletter, but everything else is here. I’ve grouped them together in some makeshift categories, and please take note that whenever possible, I’ve made sure that each link below will take you directly to the relevant release page on Bandcamp.

That’s about it for my personal round-up of “more things you might find interesting from last Friday’s Bandcamp bonanza.” (Again, please remember that this is not a list of every single thing that came out, or even every single thing that I myself listened to.)

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