a.k.a. With a new album on the horizon—his first in a decade—the notoriously shy artist grants his first interview in years, and discusses his extended absence from the spotlight.
a.k.a. Techno turns 40 (and struggles with its identity), plus a full news round-up and a huge batch of excellent new tunes.
a.k.a. What does futurism mean in the context of a genre that just turned 40?
a.k.a. Answer our reader survey, plus a round-up of the week in electronic music, including a huge batch of new track recommendations.
a.k.a. What do you like (and not like) about the newsletter?
a.k.a. An interview with writer Gabriel Szatan, plus an update on the drama at DFA Records and a complete round-up of the week in electronic music.
a.k.a. Writer Gabriel Szatan talks about his forthcoming book, the current state of electronic music and the complicated legacy of those famous French …
a.k.a. A rare interview with Errorsmith and Fiedel, plus a round-up of what turned out to be a very busy week in electronic music.
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